Vision and Recommendations

We, the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland, were asked to consider the following topics:

  • What kind of country are we seeking to build?
  • How best we can overcome the challenges Scotland and the world face in the 21st century, including those arising from Brexit?
  • What further work should be carried out to give us the information we need to make informed choices about the future of the country?

In response, and by consensus, we have agreed the following vision for the country.

The Scotland we want to see should lead with integrity, honesty, humility and transparency, in a self-sufficient and innovative way, and actively include the people of Scotland in decision making.

Authorities have a duty to publish information that is valid, accurate, reliable, verifiable and accessible to all.

Scotland should be a country where the people and government communicate with each other honestly and respectfully; whilst working together with concise and factual information, based on openness and accountability.

The Scotland that we would want to see would be leaders in innovation, with an obligation to invest in people to create jobs, confidence, development and growth.

Scotland should be a country where the people of Scotland have properly resourced and managed health and social care services, built around individuals and communities to achieve good health and wellbeing for all.

In order to achieve a better standard of living and opportunities for all we must invest in accessible, relevant training, support and improved income through a realistic living wage.

Scotland should be a country where people are supported out of poverty by identifying and removing barriers to employment, education and housing.

Scotland should be a country where all taxes are simplified and made more proportionate so that everyone is taxed accordingly; taxation is transparent and understandable; measures are introduced to minimise tax avoidance: and companies are incentivised to adopt green values.

The Scotland we want to see will provide support, education, growth opportunities and security for all young people to realise their potential, both physically and mentally, regardless of their background with a view to securing their future and that of our country.

Scotland should be a country where we encourage and support everyone to reach their full potential through support and training. Providing fair and equality-driven opportunities, through personal development, with a focus on life and vocational skills, apprenticeships and hands-on experience.