Citizens' Assembly met on 31 October and 1 November for Weekend 7

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Let's make citizens' voices heard for Scotland's future

Our Journey So Far

Journey to Come

Overview Paper 

Learn more about the Journey to Come for the Assembly

Speaker Catch Ups

Find out how previous speakers at the Citizens’ Assembly are thinking about the impact of COVID-19 across constitution, Scotland’s finances and taxation, building a sustainable Scotland and tax choices.

View the speaker catch up videos. 

Find out more about the Citizens’ Assembly

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The Process

Citizens’ Assemblies and other participative forums like this have been used in other places around the world and have achieved fantastic results.

Find out more about the Citizens' Assembly of Scotland’s unique process, and learn how it will run.

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Keep up to date

We will send out information and blogs with assembly progress, summary notes and content and how you can get involved.

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Convener's Blog and Member's stories

We regularly post updates to let the public see what people that are participating in the process think.

Read the stories from the Convener and Members'.

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Common Questions

Not everyone has heard of a Citizens’ Assembly – questions are part of the process.

If you have any questions about the Assembly, have a look at our Common Questions page.

Then the discussion begins
Weekend One: 26-27 October
Weekend Two: 29 Nov-1 December
Weekend Three: 17-19 January
Weekend Four: 21-23 February
Weekend Five: 5 Sep
Weekend Six: 3-4 Oct
Weekend 7: 31 Oct & 1 Nov
Weekend Eight: 5 Dec