Convener's Blog - January

Kate Wimpress

I wish our members and subscribers a Happy New Year, now that we are well into 2020 I am very much looking forward to getting things underway at the third meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly.

From the beginning I recognised that the Assembly is a really important democratic innovation and an opportunity to ‘do’ politics differently. It plays an important role by making recommendations about how we move forward in a constructive way, despite different views on Scotland’s constitutional future.

The deliberative process can be seen clearly in the report charting the course of Weekend 2. Our initial 353 statements were refined down, leading to 22 priority statements forming the Assembly members’ shared vision for the future of Scotland. This common ground was developed after hearing evidence and exchanging views before agreeing the priorities. You can read more about the evidence and see the full process and statements in our Weekend 2 webpage.

Outwith the weekend I was pleased to have been able to collaborate with members on a short video, sharing the priority statements and reflecting on why they wanted to take part. You can see the videos on social media. These short films illustrate the rationale and ambition of the Assembly, as a place where everyday people agree the kind of country they want to build, and how to overcome, together, some of the challenges ahead.