Convener's Blog 4 December 2020

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Kate Wimpress

I am very much looking forward to the last meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly. Members will be meeting online on Saturday, 5th December, to discuss support for the final recommendations to advance their vision for Scotland. This is the culmination of the remarkable journey we have taken, together, as Scotland’s first  Assembly.

As usual, we will be livestreaming the plenary sessions on our website: www.citizensassembly.scot

Members will be reading out their recommendations, and it will be a privilege to hear the recommendations, formed through careful deliberation, shared in their own voice. They will also be voting on the levels of support for each recommendations agreed during weekend 7. 

The recommendations are varied and speak to a number of broad themes: 

How decisions are taken 

  • Recommendations about improving citizen participation, the provision of information, and accountability in our political institutions.

Constitutional issues 

  • Some recommendations explicitly call for further powers, for example, around taxation and negotiating  trade agreements. Others call for changes in areas that are currently reserved, including aspects of employment law, incomes and regulation of utilities to support environmental objectives. 

Building a sustainable country  

  • A range of recommendations about environmental sustainability.

Tax and economy  

  • Recommendations on changes to, and improving the understanding of, the tax system

Income and poverty

  • Recommendations covering a range of action to address poverty including to improve information on poverty and relating to income and employment.

Helping people to realise their potential 

  • A broad range of recommendations, including around education and training for young people, and action around health and wellbeing, the NHS, and wider health services 

There is a great deal of detail within each of the  themes and members will be finalising their recommendations during Weekend 8. The final report will incorporate the Assembly vision and the recommendations, alongside a description of how the process worked, and reflections from Members on their journey. It is to be published early next month, presented to the Scottish Government and Parliament, and debated in the Scottish Parliament.  

We are making plans for communicating the final reports and our subscribers will be kept up to date with all the latest developments. In the meantime, we will continue to promote the Assembly across our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media channels.  

Kind regards