Chapter Four: The Assembly vision


The Assembly was established to give citizens a platform to say what matters to the people of Scotland, to identify what unites us, and to find common ground in what are often highly contested political discussions. Never before has such a broadly representative group been drawn together to work in such a way on behalf of all citizens of Scotland.

Earlier in this report are set out the 10 statements of vision agreed by the Assembly in response to the remit topic ‘what kind of country are we seeking to build’. The vision is a hugely important output of the Assembly, telling the story of the values, outcomes and ideas on how decision are taken for and about the country that are most important. These statements are entirely the words of Assembly members.

"We accepted that there will always be difference, but we have a common goal and we can draw on all the strands of our collective experience to add value to that. It was like a common woven thread through the whole weekend that bound all our hopes and ideals and disagreements because they were all relevant they were all enough, but they couldn’t all be included."

The vision was agreed by consensus by the Assembly, it includes only those statements that were supported in a vote by 90% or more of members. It genuinely captures the common ground in the Assembly. Of course the ten statements are not the whole story of the vision of Assembly members. Many ideas were discussed throughout the process. This chapter describes the journey which resulted in the vision, including the ideas members shared at the beginning of the process, the breadth and diversity of views along the way and how the vision evolved over the course of the Assembly.

Members deliberating