Shirley Marzella

I am a Freelance Artist living in New Lanark. I was born and raised in Shotts, before moving to Lanark just before my daughter was born. I travel around the Central belt, giving art workshops and working as a Scenic Artist for Film, TV & Theatre.

I agreed to become a member because I was very curious, and positively intrigued about the whole idea. The thought that normal citizens could actually have a say, in politics!

The most memorable part has to be the opening weekend reception held in Edinburgh Castle’s Great Hall! I felt as though I was part of something historic! I also felt somewhat empowered, witnessing our vision statements coming together, projected onto the screens.

I have learned, with pride that our people want kindness, fairness and tolerance, to be the norm in Scotland. However, I have also learned that the Assembly was never going to be allowed to make any real constitutional change. It had the (historic) potential to be brave, hard hitting and gutsy. But after COVID-19, all the fire from our bellies was removed, and we were left with lists of weak generalisations. All very nice and placated, with no punch. Very disappointing.

I really do agree with the premise of Assemblies, as they reflect a true cross section of society. Their ideas & opinions should be an integral part of the Scottish Parliament. I would be interested in Assemblies of other countries, meeting and comparing government policies, to devise a more holistic and global way of solving the world’s problems.

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