Chung Dam

I live in Dundee, and I work in the nursery as an Early Year Educator. I came to Dundee 19 years ago and fell in love with the small city with friendly people and beautiful scenery.

I agreed to become a member because I would love to learn and find out more about Scotland. As an ordinary person, I would like see my voice being heard and contributing to make Scotland stronger and benefit citizens.

The most memorable parts of my experience as a member in the Citizens Assembly would be when I was listening to the lady from the Green Party’s speech. It was a fantastic speech and it will benefit Scotland’s future. I understood more about different parties and taxes.

During my time in the Citizens Assembly, I learnt a lot about different aspects that would help Scotland be a sustainable country. I would love to see all of the parties working together to build a sustainable country for the benefit of its citizens, and a transparent government.

Woman smiling