Martin McGill

I live in Ayrshire with my husband, my mother, and our kitten! I wear several professional hats, mainly involved in mental health services & education/training.

I agreed to become a member to be seen, to be heard, to contribute to something which I believe is vitally important for re-establishing engagement and reaffirming trust between government and citizens.

The lessons learned – the shared awareness & acceptance of difference, the collective determination to move forward to be more than we are, the energy and enthusiasm to really make a difference to the lives of others and to improve ourselves.

I’ve learned that my hopes, dreams & aspirations for my country are not unique to me; that most people really do care for Scotland & want to do something to improve it. That some others, alas, simply refuse to accept the evidence before them and remain wedded to the myths of the past & will not even consider a future of change & betterment.

I want to see bold, decisive action to be taken in respect of our recommendations, with clear referencing to our work as an assembly.

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