Alexander Robbin

I was born at Hastings 12 miles from the City of Freetown. Sierra Leon. Under British Overseas territory rule in West Africa. I am now residing in Edinburgh. In Scotland. To be precise Gilmerton, south east of the city. I was employed by Edinburgh Council Education. Served the Scottish community as Senior Science Laboratory Technician. That career lasted for 36 years at Whitburn Academy. West Lothian Council. I am now Retired. Looking forward to my future retirement years. Very much interested in solar renewable technology.

I love to serve people, Any opportunity to serve the public, I will take it. I was once a union representative. Served in consultative panel. Lothian Pension Scheme. Interested in pension education for employees. When recruited to be a member of Citizen Assembly I was delighted once again to serve and give my contribution in a meaningful way. I thought this will be history and I will want to be part of it. I didn’t know what would be required of me but I just felt a willing heart can overcome difficulties. I will participate well to make it happen. In short the willingness to serve and make a difference.

The most memorable part has been meeting of diverse knowledge, views and life time experience. Meeting and getting to know other members.

I have learned the act of leadership, as well as community education from members. To focus on the pressing matters facing the citizen of Scotland. Team work, understanding others viewpoints. Undertaking roles to enhance progress in groups task. Work to deadline and produce collective outcomes. Better communication amongst member and lead team members. General knowledge and the effectiveness to be able to read, write and communicate effectively. Finally I’ve learned to be able to get the final mission statement as the ultimate goal.

I want to see the creation of a Scottish Citizens’ Assembly alongside Scottish Government. Preferably yearly or bi-yearly rolling tenure of office.

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