Nicole Robertson

I’m from just outside Edinburgh and I go to Edinburgh Uni. I’m currently studying reproductive biology and I’m in my honours year just now. I work part-time at McDonalds as a chef manager.

I was really interested to join the Assembly to see how I could contribute to improving the Scottish education system. I was from quite a deprived area and people told me that I couldn’t go to university. It wasn’t known for people from my school to go to university. I just felt like this was a good opportunity to get my view across, and to tell people about how we could actually help people in education and every time we’ve had something in the assembly I’ve always brought up education and how we can make it better for other people.

I’ll remember the experience as a whole, meeting people from different walks of life at the assembly and seeing different people’s priorities from different areas in Scotland.

I think I’m definitely a lot more politically engaged. Now if I find something interesting I go and research it myself. It’s definitely put a light bulb in my brain. There’s so much more information out there.

Our vision and recommendations show what the people of Scotland want. They set us up as an assembly because they wanted to see what we thought and what we were feeling. So this is what the people of Scotland wants, what they need. They need to follow through with it and support us because at the end of the day it’s not the politicians that make the country. It’s the people that make the country.

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