Weekend 3 Materials

Constitution Session

This session on Saturday will cover constitutional issues with input from academics and some of the main political parties. The fact sheet below provides some information on the most recent General Election. 

Constitution Session Fact Sheet: General Election 2019 (see also Constitution Fact Sheet Series from Weekend 1)

Sustainability Session

Overview Paper on Sustainability - This overview summarises the approach to Saturday’s sustainability session, including a summary of the positions that the three witnesses will take on the topic.  

The Convener will provide introductory remarks (slides) on sustainability which complements the fact sheets below. 

Position Paper: Sandy Begbie CBE, Employment / Employability is the core of what drives a true inclusive economy. 

Position Paper: Dr Katherine Trebeck, Building a Wellbeing Economy that Serves social and environmental goals.  

Position Paper: Dr Andy Kerr: Delivering Scotland's climate change targets 

Links to the full videos from the Convener's remarks on sustainability

Vice News: Effect of rising sea levels in Lochmaddy through an art installation

BBC Dundee Foodbank (2015)

A Beacon I – Scotland Confronts Climate Change