The aims for this first weekend were to:  

  • Welcome Assembly members and all to get to know each other 
  • Develop members understanding of how the process will work and the kind of issues  that the Assembly will explore 
  • Establish a foundational understanding of the constitutional position in Scotland 
  • Begin to explore Assembly members perceptions and understanding of Scotland  and the challenges and opportunities for the country

As the report shows, good progress was made on these aims. 


Agenda for the weekend

Weekend Materials


Welcome and introductory remarks from Conveners


Professor Nicola McEwan slides on powers and decisions

Conveners presentation on the Scotland we know, the Scotland we don't know text and slides.

Outputs from the Weekend

Word Cloud - What type of country are we seeking to build? 

Questions from Assembly Members

This sets out the full list of questions raised by Assembly members during Professor Nicola McEwen’s session on constitutional considerations in Weekend 1.  The majority of questions have been addressed either through Nicola’s Q&A session (see session 2 video) and/or through the follow up materials below. The remaining questions will be addressed over the course of the Assembly process. 

Constitution Fact Sheet Series:  

These factsheets have been prepared by Professor Nicola McEwen to address the majority of questions raised by Assembly members during Nicola’s session on constitutional considerations in Weekend 1. 
Constitution Series 1.1:  What Powers does the Scottish Parliament have?
Constitution Series 1.2:  How are Decisions made for and about Scotland?
Constitution Series 1.3:  What are the Main Options for Constitutional Change for Scotland?
Constitution Series 1.4:  How are Decisions over Scotland’s Constitutional Status Taken?

Explanation of Terms 
This provides an explanation of the key terms in the context of constitutional issues.  Professor Nicola McEwen prepared this summary to address some of the questions raised by the Assembly members during Nicola’s session on constitutional considerations in Weekend 1.

Research - Research - Data Briefing 1 
This has been produced by the independent research team. The briefing supports the aim to provide learning about the Citizens Assembly process to support the delivery of the current Assembly.

Weekend Report

Members around table




See the research on the Assembly from Weekend 1