As part of the Assembly ‘Journey to come’ work, the Secretariat undertook some horizon scanning work to review emerging evidence on the impact of the pandemic, highlight actions taken in relation its effects and highlight some new ideas on how we can recover and rebuild following the crisis.   

This work has been summarised in the overview paper and three summary papers (The economy, public finances and society, Environmental sustainability and How decisions are made). 

This paper provides the full range of sources reviewed as part of the horizon scanning process undertaken across June – early August 2020.  This work was undertaken 
accordance to the Assembly’s Evidential standards, drawing upon Assembly principles to ensure provision of balanced, accessible, robust and credible evidence. 

Horizon Scanning Overview paper



Other sources used for this paper are listed under the sources headings for the three summary papers listed below 

Economy, Public Finances and Social Impacts paper

Economy, Public Finances and Social Impacts paper

Environmental Sustainability paper

How Decisions Are Made paper