Member Diaries - Weekend 1 - Erin Drew

image of Erin Drew, assembly member
Erin Drew

I’m Erin Drew, I’m 18 years of age. I currently live on the Isle of Arran but was born on the Wirral just across the water from Liverpool. I am a life guard in training and absolutely love what I do. 

I agreed to join the citizens assembly primarily because I hope to study human geography in the future and when I heard that we would be discussing local issues, about the areas we live in, I was very interested. I thought it was such a good idea and knew that when we all came together we could make a difference. 

The first weekend was lovely! Getting to meet everyone that's part of the assembly and those working to enable us to come together as the assembly. Talking about the different areas of Scotland and how that affected a variety of things in people’s lives. I would say I learnt a lot in the first weekend, about political processes and the way issues are dealt with.  

I expected a friendly meeting with a variety of lovely people and that is what's happened, so I would say it definitely met my expectations. My hope for the next weekend would be that we come together more as a team and grow together as we explore new/existing issues. In general for the assembly, I hope we make a change and are listened to by the people in power e.g the Scottish parliament. I’m enjoying being part of a team that all work together to strive towards creating a change.