Kasia in lockdown: Cherry blossom and cherry picker

Picture of Kasia

I cannot complain about the lockdown. In fact, quite the opposite - I am well so far, didn't catch the virus, have had enough time to sleep all I want (very good) and to eat all I want (good until the effects show). I do enjoy the extra time, I have even started to learn Gaelic, which never before I had time for, I have been painting much more, and also caught up with lost friend or two... Having said that I am longing for normal life, to have freedom of travel, without worrying, are there not too many people on the bus, being able to go to the dentist, and not being so worried about my shielded friends now, or everyone soon, once the economic damage becomes clear...

I started painting for key workers, to show my gratitude. One of the things which is not possible in the lockdown is to arrange specialist help, I need a different reading device for painting details, and that's a slow developing story... It shows though, that there are many hidden victims, and difficulties unthought of, which so many of us are going through and have to push on, and I guess much more serious than trying to paint the cherry blossom or the details of the castle.. a big blob in the middle of my painting is intended to be Edinburgh Castle but may turn into Arthur’s seat if I am not lucky.

I would end with a happy comment on the noise from a cherry picker or other big building equipment, which normally is driving me mad, and soon it will be, but it is such a relief now to hear that there is some thawing of the lockdown happening, and that the people have jobs now, and later other people with have their new homes!

Stay safe you all and see you in the new normal world

Kasia and Ruby