February 2020 - Weekend 4

Picture of Kate Wimpress, Convener
Kate Wimpress

Excitement is building for the next meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly this weekend. A lot of work has gone into the design and preparation of evidence from our invited  speakers. We will be focussing on Scotland’s finances and choices about taxation, important areas which have come up a lot in members’ discussions to date, and which they have said they want to know more about.

This will be our 4th of 6 meetings so we are well into the process now. It has been a unique and inspiring journey. We have made good progress against the first two questions in our remit around developing a vision for the kind of country we are seeking to build and how we overcome the changes faced by the country.  

We’ve worked with a reference group of Assembly members to prepare for this weekend. The group has given the secretariat and design team important feedback from the perspective of members on the subjects to be discussed and reviewing the information prepared in advance. The reference group has also been working on preparations for the further discussion with the politicians’ panel that members asked for and in starting to think about the outputs for the Assembly as a whole and how we prepare our report.

The reference group has been incredibly useful and I’m very grateful to the members who gave up more of their time to participate. This weekend the Assembly will select another group of members to form the reference group to prepare for weekend 5.

Once again, I want to recognise the work of the Assembly members, particularly  those who have been sharing  their thoughts and reflections with media at the Assembly. Holyrood Magazine did an excellent feature on the work of the Assembly earlier this month and a number of members have been sharing their stories with local media including the Paisley Daily Express, the West Lothian Courier/Daily Record, Carrick Gazette, Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra and BBC Orkney. You can see some of our media coverage here.

We will post links on social media as stories about the Assembly are published. So please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we’ve just launched our YouTube channel, at the recommendation of a member! It is filling with content featuring our speakers from last weekend and thought-provoking reflections from members on the work they’re doing. I really enjoyed  this video which gives a great summary of Weekend 3, and this one of members sharing their thoughts. I’d encourage everyone to have a look.

Once again we will be livestreaming on the website and on Facebook and posting social content throughout the weekend. You can find the agenda online and speaker sessions will be livestreamed. 

I look forward to sharing the work of the Assembly with you during and after Weekend 4.

Kind regards