Convener's Blog - March 2020

Picture of Kate Wimpress, Convener
Kate Wimpress

The focus for Weekend 4 was to build on members’ discussions to date and consider in more detail Scotland’s finances and choices about tax in relation to the priority statement previously discussed; “the Scotland we are seeking to build will be a sustainable country balancing environmental, economic and social impacts for the good of the country and its citizens.”

This involved learning about and deliberating on:

  • Scotland’s finances, including the Scottish budget and how decisions are taken, public spending in Scotland more generally and fiscal pressures
  • Taxation, including definitions and different approaches to tax, taxation in Scotland in the UK, and different perspectives on tax choices for Scotland.

I’m very grateful to the Assembly Members who participated in the reference group, which provided guidance ahead of Weekend 4, and will provide further input into the Weekend 5 meeting. It is anticipated Meeting 5 will be the point when Members take stock of the process so far and deliberate on their previous work to begin to agree their final recommendations.

It has been my privilege to witness the Assembly as a body, and Members individually, grow in confidence and develop capacity throughout this process. Many more Members have spoken with the press about their experiences so far, and are preparing to speak to their local communities about the work of the Assembly. We will post links on social media as stories about the Assembly are published. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and see video content on our YouTube channel where you can see the livestream recordings, summary of the weekend and other content.

Weekend 5 will take place on 27-29 March and we will be once again livestreaming and providing updates on social media during the course of the weekend. 


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