Conveners' Blog - 27 August 2019

Kate and David

Welcome to our first blog post in our new role as Conveners of the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland. We are delighted to be taking up these posts. Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy getting to know each other and the secretariat who will support us, as well as getting up to speed with the range of work required to deliver the Assembly.

When approached about convening the Assembly, we both felt that it was an important opportunity at a critical time for Scotland. The work is fascinating and we are both delighted to be playing our part in making sure the people of Scotland have the opportunity to talk about our future in a different way. There can be few roles more worthwhile than helping our citizens seek common ground and to take forward the discussion about Scotland’s future in a way that is fair, transparent and of benefit to all our citizens.

Although our careers have been very different to date, we have both been heavily involved in representing or bringing people together to give voice to their concerns and ambitions and to make a difference for society. We believe our different backgrounds and experiences will bring added strength to the Assembly, as will the experience and perspectives of members.

Democracy needs to adapt to contemporary situations and Citizens’ Assemblies are increasingly being used successfully across the world to bring people together to work on complex and contentious issues. They are proving to be successful and we will work hard to make Scotland’s Citizens’ Assembly a success and a great example to the world, building on our proud democratic traditions in Scotland and successful record in public participation.

We are now moving into a key stage in establishing the Assembly as we start the process of recruitment for Members. We look forward to working with members and to engaging with the wider public about the work of the Assembly over the next few months.

If you have any questions about the Assembly please submit them through this website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind regards

Kate and David

Conveners of the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland