Reflecting on the impact of COVID

Reflecting on COVID

(Video played to members at Weekend 5)

The original Assembly design envisaged finalising the Assembly vision in weekend 5 following the more detailed evidence sessions in weekends 3 and 4. However, circumstances changed and before turning to this final stage members discussed the impact of Covid-19 and how it may have influenced their views on what is important in a vision for the future of the country.

"The lay of the land has changed since we last met. There’s a huge obstacle in the road ahead. It’s now clear that we need systemic changes, in healthcare, social policy, employment, and protection of the vulnerable. I’ve seen it first-hand through the pandemic. People are living different lives."

Many of the priorities coming out of this discussion resonated with earlier ideas and provide a powerful insight into the concerns of citizens. Members identified a pressing need for a more equal and socially responsible country, for prioritising health and wellbeing, including an increased focus on mental health, and improving resilience planning. Supporting economic recovery and recognising the challenges around public finance were important.

Strengthening devolution and improving working between governments, as well as improving decision making through citizen involvement, were highlighted as means to secure positive progress going forward. Members also recognised that the pandemic had not reduced the urgency of addressing the climate crisis. Annex 10 provides a summary of these reflections.

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Responding to COVID

(Video played to members at Weekend 5)