How the Assembly vision was developed


One of the first activities members did together was to share their experiences of living in Scotland and to describe what they think is special about living here and the kind of country they would like to build. These discussions produced the word cloud below.

What kind of country are we seeking to build.

Word cloud

The word cloud provided valuable insights into the range of views across the Assembly and it shaped decisions about the challenges that were investigated in more detail in weekends 3 and 4. The areas that came through most prominently at this stage included sustainability and use of resources, building strong communities, investing in public services, tackling poverty and inequalities, and values relating to both the kind of people we are and how decisions are taken.


Member Profile Chung Dam

Preparing an initial vision – what kind of country are we seeking to build?

Weekend 2 concentrated on more detailed work to develop vision statements. The report and supporting materials for the weekend describe the processes followed. Members began by crafting statements in their own words. These were condensed to 107 statements through grouping at tables and then reviewed and refined further to prepare a final set of 67 statements. These 67 statements, which are included in Annex 9, represented the ‘breadth and diversity of views’ across the Assembly. Finally, members selected their top three priorities and the outcome of this vote was that 22 statements (identified as top priorities by at least 3 groups) were identified as the ‘common ground between members’ (89% of members either ‘tended to agree’ or ‘strongly agreed’ with how the final statements on the kind of country we are seeking to build were agreed upon, based on the Member Survey). weekend 2).

The 22 statements agreed at this stage were: 

The Scotland we are seeking to build will…

22 statements agreed by members
22 Statements agreed by members