Finalising the Vision

In weekend 6 members came together to reflect on all of the work so far and prepare a final for the future of the country. Working in small groups they crafted the words to represent the culmination of this long and rich journey, reviewed texts prepared by other groups and came together to vote in a series of stages to decide the final vision.

This final stage was a very challenging exercise, especially working online rather than in person when it is so much more difficult to ensure that everyone is fully engaged and that their views are included. For some members it was disappointing that some statements which otherwise were widely supported did not make it into the final list. However, findings from the weekly research survey show that 80% of members felt that the requirements for each element to be agreed was fair (Member Survey, weekend 6).

"It’s not easy to reach consensus. We’re talking about 90% agreement and that makes it very reliable, very authentic, and valid. You can’t just dismiss it with the wave of a hand. This was the people of Scotland speaking."

All of the ideas developed during over the course of the Assembly are important and are captured in this report. The voting outcomes on weekend 6 are set out at Annex 11.

"The weekend brought together all the work and all the words that we’ve considered over various weeks, and represent the view of the people of Scotland as represented by the Citizens’ Assembly. We were trying to distil all the work down into meaningful, powerful and actually achievable statements. Because we could write to the moon, but actually what we need is to have a document that tells our citizens, politicians, managers and authorities what it is we think is important."

Members smiling