Chapter Five: The recommendations of the Assembly

Our Vision and Recommendations


A key consideration in Assembly design was how to address the 2nd and 3rd remit topics and the requirement that members identify specific challenges and consider constitutional aspects of those challenges. This was especially difficult given the very limited preparation time between Assembly sessions.

The 60 recommendations and levels of support for each of them set out earlier in this report are the response to these aspects of the remit. They are the actions that members think are most important to take forward in the next parliament. The recommendations mainly relate to achieving the Assembly vision, but also cover a range of other ideas which have been discussed over the course of the Assembly.

The Assembly prepared and voted on the recommendations over the course of weekends 7 and 8. The full text of all of the recommendations and the supporting information is set out at Annex 12. This material is entirely the work of members and was drafted together working in small groups with the support of facilitators. The voting process for deciding and reporting on the recommendations was agreed by members during weekend 7 and is included at Annex 13. The detailed results from the voting in weekend 8 can be found in Annex 14.

The recommendations draw on every aspect of the journey since October 2019 – the evidence, learning from each other and the skills and techniques of deliberation. Bringing together such an array of material from over a year of work was very challenging and is a great achievement. It would have been ideal if more time had been available to review and revise draft recommendations and further develop the supporting material, but in no way does this diminish the importance of the work. The breadth and depth of the Assembly’s vision and the direction members have set is clear and unambiguous. The recommendations are a testament to the journey travelled and the enduring commitment of Assembly members, who are fully committed to the recommendations and look to the Government and Parliament to act upon them.

This chapter outlines how the recommendations were prepared and provides commentary on the key themes involved and the processes for taking decisions. It describes the work in weekends 3 and 4 on the challenges relating to sustainability, finance and tax, and includes the interim outputs from that earlier work which are an important starting point for many of the final recommendations.

"I think the work of the Assembly is important, but not for me, for my children and grandchildren. Other members have said similar. It’s been eye opening learning about politics and the country and nice to learn. I didn’t know anything about the Assembly before I joined, but it’s nice to listen to others’ views and understand where they are coming from. Everyone gets their chance to speak. It will be good to see it going to parliament as it’ll be nice to see that it’s taken seriously and been worthwhile."