David Farrell

I live just outside Falkirk in a rural setting. I used to do joinery work but gave it up due to health reasons, I’m a keen angler and love debates too.

I agreed to become a member because I felt I could have an impact on the way Scotland should move forward. I thought about the opportunities it would lead to and hoped I could help make a difference to the way politics was dividing the soul of our country because I felt the people weren’t getting heard.

The most memorable part has been meeting like-minded people with the same goals, to help build a better Scotland. I also enjoyed the healthy discussions with members in the social environment of the hotel. Listening and learning from such a diverse group of people who all had a common interest.

I have noticed that my opinions of how we move forward are shared by many members both older and younger than me. This tells me that I’m not too far off in the balanced view I have to develop a better Scotland for all ages. I’ve learned a lot about the people we shared groups with, their own stories about their communities had a common thread running through them. That is no matter which part of Scotland we live on, there needs to be change and support everywhere.

Mainly I want a responsible government to be held to account if they fail to meet manifesto promises. Invest in the poverty issues and rights of realistic fair pay structures in accord with ongoing inflation. Appropriate new tax laws to stop wealthy tax companies avoiding paying their fair share of revenue made on the back of tax paying Scots purchasing their products.

I would love to see Scotland thrive towards a brighter future for young people to help them achieve the maximum potential they can in life. Also I hope this assembly has laid the foundation stones for further voices to be heard within the parliaments in the future regardless of party politics. The assembly members represent all parties so this in turn means it represents all the people of Scotland.

Man with glasses smiling