Janette McBain

I stay in Glasgow with my husband I have worked as a catering manager for 40 years a job I love & fills me with passion. My family are the most important people in my life and I love spending time just hanging out chatting and having fun with all my nieces and nephews over 30 of them.

I became a member because I thought it’s a once in a life time opportunity and to be part of such an iconic group is just wonderful I have learned so much about politics, friendships and other cultures.

The most memorable moment was Edinburgh castle – wow, I will never forget that night. A memory that will last a lifetime. I just felt so honoured to be in this beautiful castle with so many fantastic speakers. The atmosphere was electric.

I have learned about other cultures, that we all have a voice irrespective of our position or job every one matters in this process and united we can achieve great things through listening to everyone’s opinions and agreeing through the process to get a final result.

I want people to be more understanding of other options, beliefs, and culture. Together we can make Scotland a country we are all proud of, our country to flourish and everyone, no matter their status, can enjoy peace, love, and harmony together, with a better understanding of our beautiful country.

Woman holding glass smiling