Lynsay Walton

I am a 62 year old Scottish working class wifie. I am a cleaner and live in Arbroath. I have 2 sons, 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. I am divorced. I enjoy a good night out with friends or family and I love to travel when I can.

When I first heard about the Scottish assembly, I was interested and intrigued and a wee bit nosy. It goes without saying, I love Scotland and if I could be a part of this intriguing event ... then I’m definitely saying YES.

I’ve enjoyed the whole process ... from our introduction night out at Edinburgh castle , to listening to experts and guests ... helping to understand more about Scotland than I did before. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know a lot more of my fellow Scots from different backgrounds and different parts of Scotland. Then the pandemic came along to test us, and it wasn’t a problem for our fantastic secretariat, facilitators etc. We went digital! Wow, no bad for an old wifie lol.

I’ve learned to listen! Let others talk and be willing to change my mind. Though I still like to have my wee say too. I’ve learned about the Scottish tax system, the difference between 6 train stations in Glasgow [an illustration of social inequality] .. being poorest to richest. I’ve learned about happiness is very important as part of keeping our mental health .. healthy. I’ve learned we have a great country ... but we have a lot to work on and work out.

I want to see Scotland rid of poverty. I would like to see a living wage, helping people to get out of poverty. I would like to see more social housing as i believe everyone should have a roof over their head!! And i would like to see the NHS be top priority and not let the privatisation of our NHS come in through either the front or the back door!!!

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