James Ramsey

I stay in Hamilton and work in the care field that I enjoy very much as you’re dealing with individuals who have lost their way and their identity in life so a kind word or a bit of advice can go a long way in helping them begin the journey of getting there lives back on track because believe me it so easy to wander onto the wrong path but a lot harder to try and get back onto the right path so I believe it’s essential to go into your job with a positive attitude and listen, learn, and help and offer advice and try to find a solution to each individual you are working with.

I agreed to become a member to be hopefully part of something that is going to make a difference and could possibly without over exaggerating become part of Scotland’s great historical past and present and me, little James Ramsey from Hamilton, could have helped in making Scotland a safer, more united place to be and to be part of that is absolutely incredible and watching everyone come together as at the start it was a group of strangers.

It was memorable watching and being part of something that was basically unfolding before your very eyes different age groups putting their opinions across and actually being listened you could actually see people grow with confidence as the months went by and I hope that inspired people because I know it certainly inspired me the longer it went the more I enjoyed watching people’s confidence and bloom in front of you and this was evident especially in the younger generation who we’re probably out of there comfort zone but as the weeks and months passed I believe we were then inspiring each other in our individual groups or as a unit.

I’ve learned to listen to people’s opinions and not be judgemental as one thing I definitely learned was that once everyone had given their opinion it was brilliant to watch people or individuals say “hold on I actually would like to rethink what I’ve just said”, then as a group we would break everything down bit by bit then as a group would come up with something that we all had an input on what was going to be our goal to go forward. Honestly it was extraordinary how at the start of the day we all disagreed but by the end of the day we had broken down barriers and reached an agreement we were all happy with but more importantly that we all felt we had put our own little bit in.

I want Scotland to be a place that deals with all the problems that are going to come our way. We deal with them as a unit with people from various backgrounds working alongside our politicians, as with ordinary people involved I believe this could go a long way in bringing back trust and transparency for the future of the Scottish government. No matter what gets thrown at us we work through it as a country – poverty, job loss, Brexit, zero hour contracts, taxes – just a few things we are going to face in the future but after being part of the Scottish assembly I honestly believe if we can come together as a nation we can deal with anything and come out the other end stronger, more approachable and a forefront for other parts of not just the United Kingdom but the world to say” here hold on a minute look at this little place called Scotland is
at the forefront of world politics”. And that came about because everyone started trusting and believe in each other as transparency can go a long long way of bringing people together.

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