Shona Peace

I live in the beautiful island of Orkney, I work as a practice nurse at a local GP practice.

I agreed to join the Assembly because it was something new and unknown. I love to investigate and discover new ideas.

The most memorable part has been meeting and making friendships with many people but especially a few who we will keep in contact with. Figuring out what was required of us. Making my thoughts known in safe environment which was scary. Listening to the experts, especially Chris McCorkindale. I could have listened to him all day – very interesting and knowledgeable.

I learned how to work together in small and big groups. Not finding expressing my views as scary. How the poverty and death instances are so defined in Scotland as in upper class less lower class high – made me think.

I would like what we have recommended be taken into consideration and hopefully made constitutional. I think using this style of assembly should be used more for different things.

Woman smiling