Lisa Gillespie

I am 31 years old and live in Baillieston, Glasgow. I am a customer service supervisor for an online retailer. I am married and live with my husband Nick and our furbaby Teabag, a brindle Staffie.

I agreed to become a member of the citizens assembly as it was an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only to meet lots of different people from all over the country, but to be an important part of positive changes for Scotland!

A very memorable part of the assembly was in the first weekend getting to know lots of people who I now consider friends but also the trip to the castle and the evening in the Grand Hall!

I have learned so much from other members of the assembly along with the chosen speakers for each weekend. It was nice to hear opinions from other people and make you look at things from a different prospective.

As a common theme it was apparent that everyone wanted to make Scotland a better place for all to live. I personally hope there is positive changes in the taxation system (particularly around council tax bindings being reviewed) and improvements to public services, health and wellbeing of all in Scotland.

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