Anne Nisbet

I live in Paisley and am a social worker with people with addictions in Glasgow.

I was interested and was intrigued by the importance of the Assembly when approached. I had a total lack of knowledge at the start. I didn’t know what the process was going to be like.

There was a lot of debating, you would go with an idea, but leave with a different opinion about something. There was a lot of topics where people had a lot of knowledge.

It’s been absolutely amazing. The whole journey has been so worthwhile and having lecturers. It’s been fabulous, the amount of people we’ve had speaking to us on policy and constitution. The amount of things I’ve learned from not really knowing how Scottish Government works to where we are now.

I’d like the drugs policy to change. I think the decriminalisation of drugs would have a positive effect on the economy, criminal justice system and also NHS and social care.

I hope to see a type of Assembly and people being heard – that’s the most important thing for me. There was so many things that people had highlighted about transport about drug policy and these things still need to be worked on, how as Scotland we can function better as a country.

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