Deepa Bains

I am a Scottish Indian young chap living in Glasgow. I have been registered blind since 2016 and am unemployed at the moment. I am so proud and privileged to take part in the first Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland. I feel this is the best way in making decisions about our country because it is the citizens of Scotland taking part in this opportunity. I believe in the future this is the best way forward. Here’s to our freedom.

To be honest I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but before our final weekend get together I am so proud and passionate that I have taken part and by chatting to the members I know they feel the same way. As a citizen of Scotland I agree to take part coz I believe my views and opinions can play an important part in the way our country should be in future.

The most memorable part has been making important decisions for the better of our country and also making new friends, and gaining better understanding and knowledge about the country the way it runs.

I have learned the value of the opinions of other people.

I want citizens to be able to take part in changing our country for the better.

Man smiling