Bethia Ross

I am a widow with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I have lived in Govan for 44 years where I worked as a youth worker for 22 of those years. I am now working in an office in a community venue dealing with the public and taking bookings for events.

I thought it would be very interesting to meet and find out if all the members involved from all over Scotland had very much the same worries and concerns as myself to what would need to put in place to make life better for all of Scotland rather than just thinking about the area that you live in. I am sure we have made great headway towards a better, safer, healthier and productive society for Scotland’s future.

For me the most memorable part has been meeting so many likeminded and very interesting people who I would never have met within my social surroundings of Govan. I have met so many people who I never thought for a moment would be interested in what I thought we could do to better our country. I also loved chatting to members in our free time and discovering that no matter what occupation, wealth, education and area we came from that we all had the same ambitions and hopes for our children’s future.

I have learned to listen to each person round the table and this made it easier to express my views on the issue when it came to my turn to speak. I have also realised it’s much more complicated and difficult being a member of parliament trying to please all their voters. This is why it will be very important to have citizens assemblies with members from all backgrounds and areas in Scotland who could pass on the thoughts and hopes of ordinary people who only want the best for Scotland and all who live here.

I would love to think that we could reduce our carbon footprint to zero.

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