Grace Tomley

I live in Dundonald in Ayrshire. I am retired and 66 years old. I agreed to join the Citizens’ Assembly as I am interested in what happens to the country I live in. I felt at my age I had quite a bit of experience about life, therefore could contribute. I am interested in making changes, as I think I can see room for improvement.

Really we have done a lot, and seen quite a few professionals, in a lot of different fields. Also politicians came and took questions from us, although this was not the most memorable part. My best part of the experience was listening to other people’s points of view. I took a lot of this on board, as they say. So it was very interesting, and a lot of people were very passionate about their opinions.

I have learned quite simply to listen to other people. It was good to hear what others found important. People who lived in different areas had their own agenda to pursue. I liked that we could come to some form of agreement, as a whole.

I do hope something comes out of it, that will benefit most of the people. I hope some politicians watch our livestream and listen to what we talked about among ourselves. I found it very interesting listening to other people, as we are not all the same. I would like to think that young people who are still at school be given every chance to do as best they can. I have seen through life that too many are thrown on the scrap heap at a young age. These decisions a school makes can change their lives, so it is important to give them a second third or even fourth chance. I am pleased to see that further education is available to a lot of people.

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