Dawid Olejnik

I’m originally from Poland and my mom moved to Edinburgh so I really do see myself as Scottish because I went to nursery down in Leith. I went to primary school in Edinburgh went to high school in Edinburgh and currently I’m a student at Abertay University in Dundee doing my honours work.

Honestly I just wanted to see what the Citizens’ Assembly was about. When I was approached at first I thought do I really want to waste my weekends? Being a student, weekends are precious to me! I thought, you know I’ll see how it goes. I went to the first weekend and really, really enjoyed it, and felt like this might actually turn out to be something really good. I’ll give it a try see what happens. From then on I really fell in love with the process, and fell in love with what we can do as an Assembly.

There were a lot of people with very strong opinions on how they viewed the country especially when it came to independence. That was a very hot topic and that took a lot of cool heads to try and discuss in a mature manner. There's so many different people from all across Scotland who hold so many different views and there's some people who are very passionate about their views. At times we had to sort of take a step back and think about trying to understand each other's points of views.

I’ll also remember the assembly band that that was that was quite nice – just having everyone from all around the country just hearing other people's stories, other people's life stories, where they're come from, their experience, just meeting new people that's probably another great part of it. I’ve always been local to Edinburgh and Dundee and never really been as far up north as some people who had to travel by ferry to get here, so it was just really interesting meeting those people.

The recommendations I am most passionate about are the environmental recommendations, making sure that we protect the beauty of Scotland, protect Scottish nature and make sure that we are able to be a clean and healthy country. I want Scotland to have a bigger voice in the world than we currently have.

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