David Smith

I wanted to be part of this Assembly to ensure that my views would be heard not only for myself but for all the others with similar views on how Scotland needs to be run.

The most memorable part was meeting many members who had the same thoughts and ideas on Scotland and how desperately they wanted a better managed Scotland with more than Independence as the only issue being pursued.

I learned very quickly that that Assembly members could discuss issues without argument or party lines. However I did find that the Assembly was directed in the main by the Secretariat conducting the meetings in a manner without consulting the whole membership and manipulating a subtle direction.

I would like to see a more open and honest approach to decision making in politics not the petty grievances we have at this moment. Political parties working together for the good of the country. I expect my politicians to be able to do their job in a professional manner and be from all parts of public life and not party line followers with no experience of life in a real job.

Man with lanyard