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Find out how previous speakers at the Citizens’ Assembly are thinking about the impact of COVID-19 across constitution, Scotland’s finances and taxation, building a sustainable Scotland and tax choices.

Constitutional considerations in light of COVID-19

Scotland’s finances in light of COVID-19

Taxation in Scotland in light of COVID-19

Building a sustainable Scotland in light of COVID-19

Scotland’s tax choices in light of COVID-19

The Journey to Come

Economy, Public Finances and Social Impacts


The Coronavirus has had a profound effect on our health, economy and wider society. This paper highlights some of the key developments, including how governments have responded to date and some big ideas about reform. Members will wish to discuss these impacts and ideas for reform in developing their final conclusions.

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Environmental Sustainability


This paper builds on earlier discussions in the Assembly and explores issues around the impact of the pandemic on the environment. It covers the short –term positive environmental impacts, whether public attitudes towards the environment have changed and the outlook for action on climate change. 

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How Decisions are Taken


The Coronavirus pandemic has cast a light on how decisions are taken for and about Scotland.  Across the world Government interventions have affected all aspects of our lives and highlighted the importance of clear public guidance, the need for honesty in politics, trust in politicians and cooperation between governments. The Assembly was already discussing these issues prior to the lockdown and this paper draws out some key relevant points that members will wish to consider as they move to prepare the final outputs of the Assembly. 

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As part of the Assembly ‘Journey to come’ work, the Secretariat undertook some horizon scanning work to review emerging evidence on the impact of the pandemic, highlight actions taken in relation its effects and highlight some new ideas on how we can recover and rebuild following the crisis.   

This work has been summarised in the overview paper and three summary papers (The economy, public finances and society, Environmental sustainability and How decisions are made). 

This paper provides the full range of sources reviewed as part of the horizon scanning process undertaken across June – early August 2020.  This work was undertaken in accordance to the Assembly’s Evidential standards, drawing upon Assembly principles to ensure provision of balanced, accessible, robust and credible evidence. 

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Read about Our Journey so Far


What kind of country are we seeking to build?

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How can we overcome our challenges?

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