Member Diaries – Weekend 1 – Jackie Curran and Marie Nicholson

25-26 October 2019

Before the event
We noticed each other on the train but when talking afterwards confessed that we didn’t want to approach each other in case we weren’t allowed to discuss the Assembly with other people! It was only when we both got off at Haymarket trundling our overnight cases behind us that Marie ventured to say, “Are you going to the Citizens’ Assembly?”

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Member Diaries - Weekend 1 - Erin Drew

I’m Erin Drew, I’m 18 years of age. I currently live on the Isle of Arran but was born on the Wirral just across the water from Liverpool. I am a life guard in training and absolutely love what I do. 

I agreed to join the citizens assembly primarily because I hope to study human geography in the future and when I heard that we would be discussing local issues, about the areas we live in, I was very interested. I thought it was such a good idea and knew that when we all came together we could make a difference. 

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Member Diaries - Weekend 1 - Benedict Amamize

Day 1 - October 26th, 2019

What a busy and emotional day it was! Tired, but happy to be among the 120 members that have been invited to participate in Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland. First of its kind in Scotland, we were told. 

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Conveners’ Blog – 5th November


David said that in his remarks over the weekend, and that’s still the feeling we have a week later! The enthusiasm in the room was palpable, as members met together for the first time and recognised the unique opportunity that being part of this Assembly presents. 

Before weekend one, we spoke about what we wanted to achieve by the end of the weekend. And we had a few things on our list. 

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Conveners’ Blog – 24th October 2019

Welcome to our latest blog post where we can tell you more about what we’ve been doing over the past few weeks. The preparations for the first Assembly meeting are well underway and we wanted to update you with some of the highlights in our progress. 


We have said all along that the Members are key to the Assembly and we’re excited that they have now been recruited. 

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Conveners' Blog - 12 September 2019

Welcome to our second blog post. We have had a busy couple of weeks since our last post and wanted to update you with some of the things that we have been doing and a few of our thoughts on the Assembly as these are being developed.

Since our last blog, we held a press conference that was covered in various papers across Scotland and internationally. At the event we spoke with Canada’s CBC, about the Assembly and the context of Scotland and the UK considering their future in the world.

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Conveners' Blog - 27 August 2019

Welcome to our first blog post in our new role as Conveners of the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland. We are delighted to be taking up these posts. Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy getting to know each other and the secretariat who will support us, as well as getting up to speed with the range of work required to deliver the Assembly.

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